Local developers are super expensive because the costs of operating are high and there is a clear supply constraint which developers can exploit. The fully loaded cost of a full-time employee works out more expensive than hiring our development teams. Also, increasing headcount can be risky, especially when you may not be continuously developing. Why not scale-up and down with us as it suits your needs?

Existing platforms such as Upwork are filled with poor quality freelancers and ‘cowboy’ agencies who are un-vetted and often unreliable. Even high-quality, very reliable freelancers have a finite number of hours in the day so struggle to compete with a team. We only work with a small number of highly vetted, trusted teams. Plus, our teams come with processes and dedicated resources for project management, QA and DevOps… good luck getting a freelancer to do all that!

Our team reviews the code, technical approach and architecture of the development teams that join our platform. We check past client reviews to verify and validate them, and analyse each teams previous projects to determine their suitability for each client brief. Plus, we only work with teams where we have an open, honest and friendly relationship - we would never suggest someone we wouldn’t personally work with. Would you?

Well, to put it simply - we’re not telling! However, we believe very strongly that good communication is one of the key factors for a successful project. You will always be speaking to a project manager that speaks your language fluently (not just JavaScript!), and is not more than a few time zones away.

We have teams covering most mainstream tech stacks but to name a few: PHP, Python, Ruby, RoR, Java, C#, Swift, React Native, ReactJS, Angular, Node.js and other JavaScript frameworks. If it’s not on the list, please reach out - chances are we cover it...

We are all about making your life easy so it’s completely up to you... The core Deazy team have great experience managing technical projects, as well as designing solutions and analysing how to use technology to make your company a success. We can be more hands-off, or we can work with you on a weekly basis as partners. Feel free to get in touch to discuss, we’ll never charge for a chat - and we’ll be the first to say if we’re not a good match!

The incredible Will Houghton, our head of design, and his team can work with you to understand your requirements and then craft engaging user experiences, across any device(s). If you want an example of his work, you’re looking at it right now!

None! That’s a hardware problem...